My personal review of the Sigma 50mm 1.4 DG Art lens vs Nikon 1.4G

Sigma 1.4 DG1Sigma 1.4 DG2 Sigma 1.4 DG3

I have just purchased the new Sigma 50mm 1.4 DG art lens to replace my Nikon 50mm 1.4G. I did this because whilst the Nikon is a perfectly good lens it tends to be a bit slow focussing and it was always a bit soft towards the edges of the frame (not ideal for portraits as eyes end up out of focus if you are shooting quite open).

After initially putting the lens on the camera I couldn’t get focus on anything I pointed it at. I then decided to calibrate both lenses and did some rough and ready tests by locking off the camera and shooting my very exciting bookcase. Note: I had to make much bigger adjustments on the Sigma which was effectively unusable straight out of the box. Sigma – if you are listening then please make sure you calibrate your lenses properly before selling them… 🙂

A few comments on the aesthetics and functionality of the Sigma. The lens is a chunky hunk of glass. It is a heavy and large lens but it feels well balanced on the D800 and is pleasing to look at with a modernistic and minimalist look. It feels like quality and is beautifully made. The AF/MF switch is solid and the hood fits solidly – in all it feels like a pro lens although it is not weather resistant. This lens focusses a lot faster than the Nikon. It locks on quickly and seems to be as good in terms of accuracy as the Nikon.

As far as the differences that I was able to observe in sharpness and quality….the Sigma is not quite as sharp as the Nikon in the centre at 1.4 and the Nikon displays more chromatic aberration. As soon as you go to F2 everything changes right across the frame and its the same story as you move down the apertures. The Sigma outperforms in every department. The bokeh on the Sigma is buttery smooth and although the Nikon is no slouch its highlights are a bit crunchy by comparison.

As far as the cost/benefit is concerned…if you shoot professionally and you need critical sharpness then there is no comparison – Sigma have hit a home run with this lens. If you are on a budget then the Nikon is perfectly good for everyday work and in most cases you probably won’t be wanting. Shooting Fashion means that I am often shooting in portrait mode and I am a bit anal about sharpness throughout the frame.

I am not posting the full size files here but these are screenshots at 100% of various apertures to give you an idea of the quality and a few random shots I took to give an idea of the look out of camera – without adjustments. Sadly I didn’t have a real model to shoot when I wrote this so the Playboy Doll had to do….(dont ask how it came to be in my possession).

Random Shot (below)screen-capture-26

Random Shot (below)screen-capture-25

Bokeh Comparison Sigma on Left (look at the highlights)screen-capture-24

Sigma is on the left (below)screen-capture-23 screen-capture-22 screen-capture-21


  • DuncanM

    You should double check the color profiles imbedded in these images, I had to turn off color management in my browser to view them properly.

    • Thanks for letting me know. The images are saved as srgb – not sure if wordpress is doing something funny? Was it all images that you had an issue with?

      • DuncanM

        The first 3 of the lens and body display fine. It might have something to do with them being screenshots. If you’re using Windows the explorer is not color managed, so taking a screenshot ignores your color profile. Saving screenshots as sRGB doesn’t help because the colors are already messed up.

  • Thanks – that explains it – the others are screenshots…will try to sort that out as soon as WordPress undoes the mess they made of the recent update. I can’t even see my blog entries to edit them!

    • DuncanM

      I will say that for 99% of people they likely look just fine. Most browsers don’t have color management, and the few that do don’t enable it by default. I represent the very small minority in this case.

  • Alejandro Ilukewitsch

    Hi great pictures, came through dpreview, but this is one of the reasons I will if possible avoid at all costs buying a Sigma lens. The new ones may be much better but still they all seem to suffer from the same issue, focusing correctly..

  • marcrogoff

    Hi Alejandro – there isn’t really a focussing issue as such – its like most lenses need some calibration – just in my case the lens needed an extreme amount… Once calibrated it is superb…

  • Даниил Радин

    On 1.4 sample Sigma is focused in front of the object.

    • marcrogoff

      I can promise you it is not front focussed as I did the focussing in live view and was very careful to check the correct focus. It may have been my copy of the lens…